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We recommend a complete physical exam for your cat on a yearly basis. Lots of changes can occur from year to year, especially as your cat gets older. Preventative health care recommendations are made based on examination findings and your cat’s individual needs and situation, which you help us to determine. This may include blood, urine, or fecal tests, vaccinations, dietary or exercise advice, and life-style changes. In addition, we will counsel you on which prescription cat food diets are best suited to your particular companion's needs for a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, your new cat will be tested for worms and be treated for the most common intestinal worm found in kittens known as "roundworms". Roundworms can cause gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting and/or diarrhea.

There are other parasites that can cause similar symptoms and can even cause your kitten to become anemic (low red blood cells). Although some worms are visible to the naked eye, most worm problems are diagnosed by examining the stool microscopically. Performing a fecal test will allow us to advise you on the most effective treatment plan for your new kitten.

A yearly wellness examination with your veterinarian and program specific to your cats needs are the best ways to keep your cat healthy and enjoying life. During your cat's annual wellness examination, our veterinarians will perform the following: 

  • Full physical examination
  • Weight - monitoring weight gain or loss is important and can aid in early detection of diseases
  • Dental examination - your cat's mouths are very similar to our own and oral health is very important. A thorough dental exam can identify concerns such as gingivitis, fractured teeth, or infections.
  • Vaccinations - specific to your cat's needs
  • Wellness blood work - heartworm testing and routine blood work can aid in early detection of diseases and are recommended as part of every wellness examination