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This is Leah! 

Our thanks to Sherry  Morales Eason for these wonderful photos!

Leah Leah
She is a luv and has purssssssssssonality  plus.  Thank  you to the Cat  Doctor  for calling me to  tell  me about  her.  She is  beautiful and a welcome addition to the family.  She will be loved and well  taken  care of.  We adopted her on 8/4/2009  - what a   great early birthday gift I got! 

Casper Shideler loves to travel in the Motorhome.

Adopted from Caddo Parish Animal Control Shelter. in 2005 at age 1, he is forever grateful to Dr. Coker for saving his life!

Casper Casper

Natasha is a new patient of Dr. Coker. 

She is a Russian Blue (hence the name “Natasha”). We brought her home and welcomed her to our family on June19th, 2009.  Her big brother, Baxter, isn’t quite sure about this new addition yet, but we hope he will warm up to her soon.  She is a sweetheart! Our thanks to Lisa Bates for this wonderful photo!


This is a picture of Cheeto and my son Jordan taking a bath. 

Wherever Jordan goes, Cheeto follows!

I really think he would get in that bathtub - He loves Jordan! Our thanks to Angela Poston for this wonderful photo!


These are pictures of Fred, the gray tabby, and Cali, the black cat.

My mother, Carole, and I, Shari, adopted them at Pets Smart almost 2 years ago. They have been going to The Cat Doctor ever since, and they love Dr. Coker! Our thanks to Carole & Shari for these cute pictures!

Fred Cali

Hi! My name is Stanley, obviously. 

I first met Ron and Nell when I started staying under their house on hot, summer, Louisiana days.  After a run in with a wild animal, I became a housecat.  I have my own web page at:    Come see me sometime!


"No flash photography please."

Meet "Dominio", a beautiful black & white kitty. And below is "Migo" who wasn't posed either. I brought a hat box home for a gift, but before I could put the gift inside, a much better "gift" jumped in the hat box instead!  Migo is blind, but you wouldn't know it because he leads such a full life. Our thanks to the Townsend Family for these great photos!

Dominio Migo

We adopted Biscuit from Dr. Coker at The Cat Doctor. 

She is a sweet kitty and has helped our other kitten be more sociable.  Thank you Cat Doctor! Our thanks to Melissa Weaver for this wonderful photo!


Dixie, 7 months old, is a new patient of Dr. Pamala Coker at The Cat Doctor. 

She is the first cat we have ever had and we love her so much!  She is very entertaining - we like to just sit around and watch her play.  Dixie pretty much has the run of our house now, much to our dog's chagrin.  We are thankful to have found Dr. Coker and would never go anywhere else.Our thanks to Cheryl Smith for this wonderful picture!


"Twas the night before Christmas and all thorough the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (darn it). My Mama Shirley was nestled all snug in her bed, while visions of green anole lizards danced in my head." Our thanks to Shirley Olivieri-Mathies for this great picture!

No Name Cat

Here are my two study buddies: Catalyst, the calico, and Gondii, a siberian mix.

They are new patients at the Cat doctor but we'll be going there as long as I live in Shreveport! Our thanks to Greta A. Hanks for these fantastic pictures!

Catalyst & Gondii

 "JACK BAUER" is my name, treats and trouble is my game!

I like to go the Dr. Coker's clinic, THE CAT DOCTOR, and flirt with the ladies! MEOW!


The American Shorthair Silver Tabby is "Maxwell Edison" and the Abyssinian is "Princess Tasha". And this is "Sidd" - short for "Siddhartha".  

Sidd is a pure white feline domesticated cat with one blue eye and one gold eye. Our thanks to Thomas Armstrong for these terrific photos!

Sidd Princess Tasha & Maxwell

Meet one of Dr. Pamala Coker's newest patients - "Chulu".

Chulu is ready to use her super powers of "laser eyes" to bore a hole through anyone or anything! Our thanks to Chris Cooper for this great picture!


Here's "Zoey",

a Siamese-mix we adopted after we saw her at Dr. Coker’s office pictured on her first and only trip to the back yard.  (She would probably be better named “Spaz” or “Hey, Hey, Hey!  Get out of that!”) Our thanks to Lea Green for this great photo!


Serenghetti is a new patient in the practice of Dr. Pam Coker of The Cat Doctor in Shreveport.  

One of her favorite places to sleep is in the middle of either back cushion of this blue couch.  Shirley Olivieri-Mathies is a proud first time cat owner (after saying she'd NEVER tolerate a cat in the house...) and photographer. Our thanks to Shirley Olivieri-Mathies for this great photo!


 Myla (F), the black, orange tabby is 15 weeks old and Patches (M), the orange and white, is 19 weeks old. 

These two babies both go to see Dr. Pamala Coker at The Cat Doctor. Both are extremely playful and very affectionate. Even though they are not related by blood, they are related by their love for one another, as you can see in these photos! Our thanks to Emily Ayon for these great pictures!

Myla & Patches Myla & Patches

This is Rascal, who, by the way, lives up to her name.  :)  

We moved to Shreveport from PA and needed to find someone that would help us take care of our feline "babies". We have been in to meet Dr. Coker and her staff  (really nice people) and have spread the word to our friends about The Cat Doctor. Our thanks to Kathy Gerritsen and her son Alex for this great picture!


"Skitsa" jumps for joy at kitty kindergarden. Skitsa's little sister "Dustie" plays while Skitsa is at school. 

Skitsa and Dustie love to visit all their friends at The Cat Doctor in Shreveport, LA. Our thanks to Nina for these sweet pictures!

Skitsa Dustie

Here's "Suki",

wondering if she should have ordered the "non-diet" Mountain Dew instead??? Our thanks to Suki's family for this great photo!


Bessie was 4 weeks old when I found her in the vet school parking lot in 1997. 

She was very hungry and lost.  After many syringe feedings and baths she grew into a beautiful and very playful kitten.  When she was very small, I would shout ‘black spot’ to let my roommates know she was out and about.  She was such a tiny ball of fur at the time and she was nothing but a small black spot on the floor racing around.  ‘Black spot’ shortened to ‘BS’ and then to Bessie.  She has traveled the country with me and has her very own pillow next to me where she sleeps. Our thanks to Dr. Pamala Coker for this great photo!