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Our thanks to Kiley & Jennifer Stinson for these great photos!

Meet "Witch Hazel"

Our thanks to Shannon Walczak & Cj Littlejohn for this sweet photo!


Our thanks to Jack and Jamie Wiener for sharing these sweet pictures!

"Dollie Bird & Mr. Fred"

"Mr. Fred"

"Mr. Fred"

Meet "Symphony"

Our thanks to Michael & Holly Hart for this wonderful holiday photo!

Meet "Pumpkin" & "Furball"

Our thanks to Ray & Saundra Bureau for sharing this sweet photo!


Our thanks to Renee Vidrine for sending us these sweet pictures!

Ferguson is my grey long hair. Romeo is my black medium hair. These 2 babies are litter mates. Though I acquired them several months apart, they are honestly my little joyous balls of fluff and fur. Rowdy, rambunctious, and silly, there's no telling what these two will end up doing or getting into. Oddly enough, they both love playing in the bathtub when I have the water running. Romeo taught himself how to fetch, and will jump, flip, and twist to catch his favorite "milk rings" in the air. Ferguson loves his caterpillar on a stick. Both love their bellies being scratched and are always crawling up in my lap to cuddle and give kisses. They follow me around from room to room like little lost puppy dogs lol. Love my two babies!!


Our thanks to Kay Holt for sharing these sweet pictures!


"Ruby Rose"

"Fiona Purrl"

Atticus, aka “Boomer” -  Adopted from The Cat Doctor a couple of years ago, formerly called Doolittle.  He shares his home with Ruby Rose (a flamepoint Siamese kitten found in a wooded area near Texarkana) and Fiona Purrl, a torbie kitten found in a Shreveport parking lot in 2012.  All are rescues.  All are now full grown.  All are delightful companions.  All are spoiled.  They have their own "catio".

"Cleopatra" Is Back!

Our thanks to Ray Bureau for sending this sweet photo!

Cleopatra (The cat formerly known as Ellie) leads a charmed life with The Bureaus and her housemate Mistie. She is spoiled rotten.

See more photos of Cleopatra and Mistie below.


Thanks to Michael & Holly Hart

for sending us this wonderful Halloween picture!

Symphony is a year and a half old now and ready for Halloween. Symphony's first entry into our Gallery was at just three months old (see below). We have moved these adorable photos so visitors can see Symphony as a kitten last year.

Meet "Harrison" Strange

Hey Cat Doctor Team!

Because of your Team, Harrison is alive, happy, loved and maybe a little over pampered.  After almost losing him to KA, your care and expertise nursed Harrison back to health and now, his diabetes is controlled and he is very much like his "old" self again and I am forever in your debt.  I know you know how I feel about everyone there ... but if I haven't said it in a while, thanks for taking care of those who need you.  You help keep a lot of happiness and genuine love going on at my house and I am so thankful to you all.  Harrison says hello ... but I don't quite think he's ready for another visit.  By the way, his foot healed completely.


All best, 

John-Michael Strange (Proud Papa)


Our thanks to Cathy Blankenship for sharing these sweet pictures!



"Lexi Jan"

This is Scamper, Smudge and Lexi Jan --  I call them my saving grace.  Scamper and Smudge came to me during a very difficult time and saved my life.  Scamper recently crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, despite the best efforts of The Cat Doctor's staff.  Lexi came to me just five days before Scamper passed away.  Lexi loves life and lives every moment to the fullest, and everything is an adventure.


Our thanks to Jordan Adams for sending us these sweet pictures!

Weasley - 8 months old

Inky Slinky - 2 years old


Photos provided by Petography by Paula!

Meet Sparky and Sox, brothers who were rescued after their mama abandoned them in the fishing boat they were born in.  They were raised by hand and brought to us at six weeks old.  The first photo is of them as kittens, and the second photo, taken four years later, happy, healthy, and in the care of Dr. Coker!

Meet "Mistie" & "Cleopatra"

Our thanks to Ray & Saundra Bureau

This is Mistie and Cleopatra, two of the happiest, most pampered cats in the world.  Cleopatra is adopted from The Cat Doctor and Mistie is a rescued stray. Both hit the jackpot when they found us, and we are very lucky to have them.


Our thanks to Lisa Bates for sending us these sweet pictures!



Baxter has been patient of Dr. Coker for the past two years.  Baxter, and his little sister Natasha, visited Dr. Coker recently for their annual check-up.  Although Baxter is normally a sweet, lovable, cuddly boy, he was NOT  demonstrating his best behavior.  Lucky for Baxter, Dr. Coker is skilled in managing "kitties with an attitude!"  Natasha, of course, was being her sweet, adorable self.  She loves Dr. Coker! 

Meet "LucyLou", "Gracie Bella", and "Scrapper"

Our thanks to Shannon Morgan for this great photo!

"LucyLou", "Gracie Bella" and "Scrapper" are all so glad that Dr. Coker and all her wonderful staff take care of them!

I think they’re the Dream Team myself….thanks to all of you.


Our thanks to Lindsey for this sweet photo!

In order from left to right:

JJ, Dexter, Josie, Alphie, & Elvis


"Smokey Joe" demonstrating his SlimCat ball techniques

Our thanks to Elizabeth Jarred for sharing these terrific photos!

Headbutting Technique

Paw Pushing Technique


Our thanks to Sherry Morales Eason for these great photos!

Leah is now 9 months old.  She is a spoiled princess, hence the name.  We recently went to see Dr. Coker who took very good care of Leah.  Dr. Coker gave her a rabies update shot and  respiratory booster and gave her needed care.  See, the little princess is oh so fluffy pretty.


Our thanks to Ray and Saundra Bureau  (Cleo's Humans) for these sweet pictures!

The photo above at the left is of a kitten that was adopted from Dr. Coker’s office in 2007.  She was the sweetest kitten in the world!  Her new family was so glad that Dr. Coker took this little kitten in and put her up for adoption, because she hit the Jackpot when she reached through her cage and touched me.   Her name was "Ellie" but was changed to "Cleopatra", however most of the time her family calls her "Little Bit".  She now has a good home and is bringing her adopted family lots of  joy and love.   In fact, she is spoiled rotten.  She has total control of her humans and the house.  She is as loved and pampered as any animal could be.  I am retired now and she gets my full attention.  As far as I know her paws have never touched the ground.  She and her "Catmate" spend their days playing and napping and getting into mischief.  On a good night she sleeps curled up at my side.  She is my pride and joy.

Meet EB and Dharma

 Our thanks to Sharon for these great photos!

EB will be eighteen years old next month

thanks to the life-saving efforts of Dr. Coker.

Dharma -- just be as nice as you can!!!

Meet Andy

Our thanks to Patsy for this wonderful photo!

This is Andy..... The Purrfect Cat!  Andy is a graduate of the first Kitten Kindergarten class offered by Dr. Coker.  He then went on  to excel in destroying paper towels, toilet paper, turning on water faucets, hair dryers and the list goes on.  


He is now majoring in the art of making the most out of lounging on his new cat tree, which he shares with his three younger brothers, Ryley, Tomee and Marshall who have all benefitted from Andy's former training.  They are four sweet little heathens.

Here's beautiful Nermal Cherry

Our thanks to Gina Cherry for these wonderful photos!